Puller Belts and Belt Covers

We Manufacture New or Recover Your Used Puller Belts

We are committed to providing our customers with quality work at reasonable prices in a minimum amount of time. We back that commitment up with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. Years of testing and refining have gone into every belt that we make today.

Giltec Supply Inc. can cover your new belts or recover your used belts with the right cover to match each application. Rather than replace your belts when they wear out, send them to us to be recovered. Recovering makes sense. We will cover them like new at a cost savings to you. Recovering means less cost, not less quality.

We can also supply the base belt if necessary. We offer high performance covers for standard & extreme applications such as wear resistant, enhanced grip, high heat and non-stick. We offer flat & profiled covers that are custom made to your individual specifications in all types of rubber.

All of our covered belts are totally “one piece” vulcanized. There are no splices of any kind. No splices means NO SPLICE FAILURES. The result is less belt hassles and more equipment up-time.

Giltec Supply Inc Manufactures New or Recovers Your Used Puller Belts

  • Puller Belts – Feeder Belts – Labeling Belts – Tubewinder Belts – Capping Belts – High Temperature Belts – Folder Belts – Specialty Belts – Haul-off belts – Caterpillar take off belts – Haul-off pads
  • Flat – Grooved – Profiled – Siped – Perforated

Flat Face or Custom Profiled to Your Specifications

We manufacture “ENDLESS” base belts that can be covered and made flat or profiled to meet your specific needs.

At Giltec Supply Inc, we make haul off pads to your specifications. We can also recover your existing pads at a cost savings to you.

Engineering and technical assistance is available for all applications.

Contact Giltec Supply Inc. today at 416-727-4671 or email us at sales@gsi-ind.com today!